What to do Edit

The mission of the game is to kill the victim with diseases and risk factors. But there is another thing to pay attention to - recovery.

What is it? Edit

Recovery is an important factor of the game. If it is at 100% you lose the game, and the victim will start healing at enormous rates (15% per day) and all diseases evolved are rendered null.. This progress starts when they go to the doctor after contracting enough illnesses, or if they have a medical checkup. If the victim is in critical condition, they go to the emergency room to speed up the recovery.

Recovery Screen Edit

Here, you can combat recovery. You need to click the Recovery on the body screen to access the screen. Now, things that you can do in this screen:

Nosocomephobia: The victim is scared of hospitals and clinics. They will be less likely to seek medical help. Edit

Nosocomephobia 2: You need to evolve Nosocomephobia before this. The victim has a debilitating phobia of hospitals, clinics, and doctors. They will put off seeing a doctor as long as humanly possible.

Countryside: You need to evolve Nosocomephobia before this. The victim will be living in the countryside. Emergency room trips are much later than the average person.

Placebo: Sometimes the doctor gives them drugs to reduce the system's degradation. With Placebo in place, the effects of medication is rendered null. Edit

Poison: You need Placebo. The meds are poisonous for the victim, degrading their system instead if helping it.

Bad doctors: The doctors are busy. Recovery is slowed. Edit

Bad doctors (Stage II): You need Bad doctors before evolving this. The doctors are very busy. The recovery speed is much slower.

Bad Diagnostic: You need Bad Doctors before evolving this. The doctors gave an wrong diagnosis. The recovery is reduced 10%.

Surgeon error: You need Bad Diagnostic before evolving this. The surgeon made a critical error on the victim. Recuperation is reduced 10% (only if they are in the emergency room).

Strike: The nurses in the hospital are on strike. Recovery stops for approximately 2 weeks (fourteen days).

Strike (Stage II): The doctors are on strike. Recovery stop for approximately 30 days (or less)